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Winter is Coming.. 5 Top Tips for Maintaining your Vehicle this Winter

Winter is coming and the sad fact is that many cars across the UK won’t make it until Spring. The latest statistics show that each year in the UK over 1.5 Million cars are scrapped. Whilst many of these cars are beyond economical repair or accident damaged, there are certain pre-winter checks that all car owners should take to help prevent the winter from claiming your vehicle


  1. Ensure your car is topped with oil. This is one of the most common reasons for engine failure. Checking oil levels every week is essential for maintaining the health of your vehicle.
  2. Buy Antifreeze. Ensure you have antifreeze in your cars water supply. Over the winter your vehicle will be subjected to freezing temperatures and the water in your engine can freeze and cause issues . Ensure early that your vehicle is winter ready by adding antifreeze to your engine.
  3. Check your tyres. The most important thing in winter is that the roads can become dangerous in freezing conditions. Bald or poorly looked after tyres can cause accidents. Ensure that you check all your tyres in case you need to replace. Also ensure that weekly you check the tyre pressures as poorly inflated tyres can also cause issues.
  4. Replace your windscreen wipers. After a long hot summer your wipers probably haven’t seen much action. There is nothing worse than a smeared windscreen when driving in the rain. Poor visibility at this time of year causes many accidents and a new set of wiper blades can help keep your windscreen clear and your eyes on the road.
  5. Ensure all your bulbs are working. Most cars now have an indicator light to show you when a bulb goes out. You can buy spare bulb kits from most petrol stations that have a range of bulbs in, in case your brake light or any other bulb blows


These are our top 5 tips for keeping your car in tip top condition over the winter months. Most garages will now offer a winter check up where they will check the many issues that could put your car out of action over the winter, and ensure you stay safe

However, If your car has fallen foul of the long Winter, or a new vehicle is on the cards for whatever reason then then give us a call at LKM Recycling our End of Life Vehicle collections are quick and easy. We pay top prices for your old scrap vehicle and we are DVLA registered. Go online to get a quote for your old vehicle today.

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