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Why is Confidential Shredding Important?

Paper or document shredding services are especially important now with the arrival of GDPR. These services involve picking up your bulk paper waste and delivering them to a secure, private facility. From here, the paper waste is fed into an industrial shredding machine. The shredded paper is then baled and sent to a paper facility which will then turn the shredded waste paper back into toilet rolls or kitchen rolls.  

If you’re uncertain about the importance of shredding confidential waste, below we give you a few reasons your business should begin practising responsible document shredding:

Reduced Environmental Impact

Every year millions of tonnes of waste is discarded in Landfills in the UK. LKM Recycling is committed to a Zero Waste Policy and all of the confidential shredding we collect is then recycled into products such as toilet or kitchen rolls. Ensure you do your part by choosing to send your paper waste to a responsible waste management company. 


Every company normally produces on a daily basis, stacks of documents that contains personal information about their employees, clients or partners. To ensure GDPR compliance and the privacy of your business and its associates, it’s best to entrust your confidential waste disposal to a secure shredding expert. LKM Recycling operates a closed loop system that protects your confidential waste.

Increased Client Trust

Some of our partners work with clients from various industries, including sensitive fields like education, law, and medicine. When you choose to work with a confidential shredding company for your paper shredding needs, you give your clients peace of mind. They will trust your business knowing that you have their best interests and privacy in hand.  


Paper shredding machines can be costly for businesses. They can be expensive and too costly to staff and maintain. Keeping them running for long hours can also increase the price of your monthly electricity bills. If you want to save money, opt for paper shredding services. Outsourcing your confidential waste disposal reduces your costs and increase your productivity


Transporting a big pile of paper waste can be difficult for businesses, especially if you’re dealing with subsequent transactions daily. A good confidential shredding company will operate a closed loop system to provide secure collection shipping and destruction for your sensitive information. Shredding companies should supply you with lockable cabinets for your office which are emptied monthly.

Protection from Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing trend in the UK with around 175,000 cases in the UK in 2017, most involved the impersonation of an innocent victim. Securing your confidential waste can protect your business, your employees and your customers from becoming part of this trend. All our confidential waste is collected, shredded and recycled in a closed loop system. 

Certificate of Destruction

Any reputable confidential waste company will provide you with a certificate of destruction which shows that your confidential waste has been collected, transported and disposed of in a secure and safe manner. This will normally be issue upon destruction and normally within 24 hours of collection

Paper is still essential for most businesses. The average employee in the UK uses up to 45 pieces of paper daily, and around two-thirds of that goes into the rubbish bin. We use paper for many office matters, whether it’s complex paperwork such as signing approvals and sending financial statements, or a much simpler task like sticking a memo onto the refrigerator door. Unless an office is fully digitised, it is almost impossible to go a day without seeing a sheet of paper lying around.

At LKM Recycling, we help you put your bulk paper waste to good use. We offer confidential shredding services that turn your confidential paper waste into recyclable materials in the safest and most secure manner possible. Please get in touch today to see how we can help, including free on loan lockable cabinets for your office.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, LKM Recycling is one of the UK’s most trustworthy total waste management solutions companies. Our outstanding customer service team is always ready to offer advice and provide the recycling solutions you need.

Practice responsible waste disposal and call us today on 01795 439393 today.

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