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Why Baling and Selling Cardboard is Beneficial to Your Business

LKM Recycling has been purchasing baled cardboard for more than a year now. If you have post-use corrugated cardboard, we are willing to buy and recycle the products to reduce paper waste in landfills and to provide materials for the creation of new paper products.

Cardboard is incredibly useful –lightweight yet strong enough for storing and shipping items, it is one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world. If you keep the cardboard dry, clean and packaged in bales, recycling it is an easy, straightforward process.

Less Paper Waste

In the UK, households and businesses use up to 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard every year. This leads to massive amounts of paper waste, which could end up in landfills and as pollutants in the environment. While paper is considered less harmful than non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, it still requires tremendous amounts of water and raw plant material to produce.

By recycling your waste cardboard and implementing other waste management solutions, you will be doing your part to reduce the amount of paper waste that you produce. The recycled paper can be used to make new cardboard and paper products. We use about 70% less energy when recycling cardboard compared to producing new paper from raw materials.

Save Space and on Waste Haulage Fees

Large boxes can take up a lot of space, even if flattened and stacked. Baling can drastically reduce the amount of space that waste cardboard uses up, and can even save you some money on waste haulage fees.

By reducing the amount of volume and selling the excess, you can lessen the amount of waste that your business produces.

Get a Return on Your Investment  

Cardboard boxes are admittedly just a small part of your investment – you use it to transport, protect and carry your goods during shipment, after all. Over time, however, the cumulative cost of what you spend on cardboard boxes can rise to a considerable amount. By selling your baled cardboard, you get a small return on your investment and save money too.

Baling your cardboard is beneficial to your business and the environment. Contact LKM Recycling today, and we will be happy to purchase your cardboard. Call now.

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