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What to Consider When Reducing, Recycling and Disposing of Paper in the Office

Many organisations are recognising the business and environmental benefits of waste paper recycling. A government-funded initiative by Recycle Now has seen the UK, which uses around 12.5 million tonnes of paper every year, recycle around 67 per cent of cardboard and paper waste. Every business wants to keep waste to a minimum by lessening the rubbish sent to landfills.   

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling a tonne of paper saves more than seventeen trees and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. Recycling paper reduces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. It takes 70 per cent less energy to recycle paper than to produce new paper from trees.

If you want your business to become a green office, follow these practices when reducing, recycling and disposing paper in the office.

Paint Your Office Green

To make your office eco-friendly, consider developing a green office policy that focuses on reducing and recycling. You can reduce paper consumption in the office by using double-sided printing for certain business documents. You can also remove all paper cups beside the water dispenser and request all your staff members to bring their own mug.

One way to maximise on office recycling opportunities is to integrate recycling in all departments by providing each department with recycled paper. Make sure to tell your employees to be mindful of their paper consumption for there to be less wastage of paper.

For your employees to be engaged with the office’s recycling practices, share the results of the company’s recycling efforts. This can be done by running an ‘Eco Office Awareness’ campaign that focuses on the environmental and financial benefits of recycling. Here, you can mention how many trees have been saved or how much money the company has saved by recycling paper.

Consider Information Security

When disposing business documents, consider how information security can save your confidential data from thieves. Confidential documents placed in large clear rubbish bags or in a recycling bin can attract data thieves. Performance reviews, financial reports or even meeting notes are confidential information that an unscrupulous individual can use against your business, employees or clients.

Consider a document shredding policy that aims to shred all business documents before being placed in rubbish bags or recycling bins. With this policy, confidential information will not be easily deciphered by data thieves.  

Professional Shredding Services

At LKM Recycling, we understand the risks of identity and data theft in a business setting. We have forty years of experience in recycling paper and providing secure shredding services in Kent. We take the destruction of your confidential waste seriously. If you are looking for confidential shredding services in Kent, look no further with LKM Recycling.   

We’re Your Solution to Recycling Paper

Besides shredding services, we also offer paper and cardboard recycling services that help you minimise the amount of waste your company is sending to landfills. Our punctual waste-collection services provide you with one point of contact for disposing your paper or cardboard waste, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We accept both loose and baled forms of paper and cardboard. Being environmentally conscious with your company’s waste gives you an edge over your competitors with regard to corporate social responsibility.

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