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What a Waste: Where Does Wood Waste Come From?

Paul Page, a renewable energy expert working in the building trade, revealed that the amount of wood that Brits waste is disturbing and added that if they knew the truth, they would also think the same thing. In 2013, The Telegraph revealed that Brits throw away approximately 4.6 million tons of wood annually, approximately 1.5 million tonnes of that is clean, untreated wood.

Where Wood Waste Comes From

Wood waste comes from various sources. Some come from construction and demolition, including new builds and renovations. One of the biggest challenges with construction wood waste is that it consists of different types of waste, from broken pallets to plywood, making the recycling process a bit more difficult.

Wood waste may also come from wood processing and manufacturing. Here, wood waste is clean and unmixed, which makes it less of a bother to recycle in comparison to waste that comes from construction and demolition sites.

Uses for Wood Waste

Apart from turning scrap wood into furniture, there are other ways you can recycle wood. For one, these are good for fuel production like briquettes, pellets and charcoal. For another, you can use wood waste for on-site energy generation. You can give this type of material a second life through wood recycling.

Unfortunately, even with the efforts to prevent wood from going to landfill, 750,000 tons still end up buried each year.

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