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UK Businesses Are Facing Waste Disposal Problems

In 2017, the UK government’s Waste Resources Action Programme revealed that a quarter of all the waste in England comes from businesses. Many businesses in the UK are facing waste disposal problems caused by improper waste management and overproduction of items.

Strict and Increasing Landfill Tax

Commercial waste disposal has become a financial concern for businesses as well, especially as the costs have spiked. Trans-national waste management authority Veolia reported that small businesses spend around £384 a year for waste disposal alone. The price is higher when wasted energy and labour are considered. According to Veolia, sending waste to landfill is now more expensive than recycling.

Landfill taxes in the UK rose to £84.40 per tonne, and it will continue to rise as part of the Government’s initiative to encourage enterprises to recycle their waste. Waste producers, including businesses, can also be fined with additional tax if they try to cuts corners in waste disposal due to withholding or providing incorrect information, or improperly segregating waste.

Emissions from Commercial Waste

Another problem in commercial waste disposal is the emissions caused by specific types of waste. Greenhouse gases in landfill rose by five per cent in 2016.

One huge factor with the increase in waste is the presence of disposable materials in landfill areas. The carbon footprint, as a result, has increased due to the impact of accumulated recyclable waste. For example, a large percentage of recyclable materials, like disposable cutlery and cups, are sent to landfill instead of being recycled.

As a response to this situation, the Environmental Audit Committee expressed their desire to push for recyclable waste, specifically all disposable coffee cups, to be recycled by 2023. Otherwise, the use of such will be banned since 2.5 billion pieces of recyclable waste are filing up landfill areas every year.

Efficient Waste Disposal Services for Businesses

LKM Recycling is an expert in waste disposal solutions for all businesses in Sittingbourne, Kent. We offer bins and waste skips for hire and waste transport services. With over a thousand waste containers of various sizes, we get the job done, no matter the size.

We comply with government and environmental guidelines, so it is important that you give us accurate information about the kind of waste you need removed. This will guarantee that your waste is disposed of properly within 24 hours, with minimal environmental impact.

Recycling Commercial Waste

LKM Recycling also specialises in paper, cardboard, plastic and metals. To lessen the amount of recyclable waste dumped in the landfill; we encourage businesses to be a part of protecting the planet by sending their recyclable waste to us. Not only are you helping the environment, you also gain an eco-friendly edge over your competitors.

We continually invest in our logistics, and have years of experience in providing efficient waste management solutions. Our commitment to zero waste is at the heart of our operations. We ensure that every recyclable item is put to good use.

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