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Tips on Maximising the Value of Waste Collection Services for Businesses

Even businesses with the most successful waste management plan can accumulate general waste that cannot be disposed of through a waste segregation strategy. An experienced waste collection services company can reduce your business’ general waste even further before it goes into a landfill while giving you the benefits of a waste management plan.

Here are some ways to maximise the value of your business’ selected waste collection service:

Reduce the Collected Waste

Significantly reduced waste means significantly reduced costs. A regular business waste audit will help you identify which materials comprise the general waste and the source of the materials. This information will help you draft a list of materials that you can reduce or prohibit completely. The key is to ensure that this information is disseminated properly to the entire workforce of the company.

Help the employees along by suggesting durable, reusable materials in place of the disposable ones.

Segregate for Reusing, Selling and Recycling

Waste materials that can be reused sold and recycled to create a new material could be turned into profit.

An experienced waste management company will know everything about the market and the value of waste materials and will be able to provide a sum for items that you have segregated. Some of these include paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and metal.

Quality of the material plays a big role in the purchasing value and preserving it can be achieved through efficient sorting and storing. Similar items must be stored together in a cool, dry place as small wet materials can easily damage the rest and end up in the pile of general waste for collection.

During the waste collection process, your selected waste management company can purchase the recyclable materials from you and renew them for future use. Since they have the knowledge and skills, they can even extract value from your already reduced general waste.

Ask About Sustainability Efforts

A trusted waste management company is ideally dedicated to serve their cause and can offer ingenious advice when it comes to your business’ waste management plan. Closely working with a waste management company will help you cover everything from auditing, to segregation and collection.

A waste management company that knows your waste can offer you the best deals to maximise the value of your acquired waste collection service. This includes the correct size of the waste skips and bins and scheduling.

Selecting a waste skip and bin that is too large or too small for your waste could mean additional costs. Working with a waste management company that offers a wide range of skips and bins allows you to choose the correct size to collect your varying business waste. Additionally, an efficient schedule for collection should cause minimal disruption of operations; this means a round the clock service and selecting the best time for your business.

LKM Recycling fits all the criteria and is here to help.

We are one of the leading total waste management solutions companies in the UK. With over 40 years of experience, we have become a trusted and reliable provider of waste management services for various industries. We promote a zero waste policy and uphold sustainability in all our operations. We aim to help businesses fulfil their corporate and social responsibility and we are dedicated to pursuing the preservation of the planet, reducing one carbon footprint at a time.

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