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The UK Scrappage Scheme: A Step Towards Cleaner Air

Local authorities have 18 months to devise plans that address excessive nitrogen oxide pollution in Britain. The Government has given them the go signal to pursue a diesel scrappage scheme, provided that the scheme is in accordance with the Government’s air quality plan.

Therefore, moving forward, the number of scrap cars may increase.

Cutting Down Vehicle Pollution

Nitrogen oxide emissions are a common consequence of diesel cars. For this reason, environmentalists are pushing for the scrappage scheme which would effectively reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and promote clean air zones.

The scrappage scheme may affect vehicle owners who bought diesel cars in good faith. As such, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs suggest formulating scrappage scheme proposals that target drivers who need more support in switching to cleaner vehicles.

Nevertheless, people who are in on the scrappage scheme may participate in their own ways. For instance, they may contact a local vehicle scrappage team to help them get rid of their diesel car.

Getting Rid of Scrap Cars

People have multiple reasons for abandoning their current vehicles for a newer model. One reason, obviously, is that they want to limit diesel usage and help alleviate air pollution. Another common reason is the vehicle’s age.

Cars may break down over time or because of overuse. This does not mean, however, that they should just rot in the garage or a junkyard. Scrap car disposal teams can collect them, helping car owners get rid of them for a fair scrap market value.

Whether it is for environmental or practicality purposes, LKM Recycling buys scrap cars across Kent. Our team picks up vehicles across the county and we purchase them from the owner, regardless of their condition—if the vehicles still have four wheels, that is.

Get in touch with us today for efficient car scrappage services.

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