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The Recyclable Wonder of Copper

Up to half of the UK’s manufactured metal is made from recycled material. Copper plays a key role in the electronics, construction and transportation industries and is a good example of a re-usable and long-lasting metal.

Recycled copper is an attractive way of making money from scrap, Recycling can help your business save costs and provides a sustainable way to meet industrial demand.

Copper’s value in the global and European markets

The global demand for copper has increased 250 per cent since the mid-1960s. Mine production has increased to meet the growing demand for copper. While only 12 per cent of copper resources have been mined, copper ore remains a finite resource.  The mining industry also faces several expensive challenges in extracting copper. To satisfy increasing demand and minimise costs, recycled copper provides an economical solution,

Recycling plays an integral role in Europe’s copper supply. According to the International Copper Study Group, 41 per cent of the EU’s copper demand is met by recycling. This means recycling keeps industries running, and at the same time reduces the environmental impact of production.

Copper is highly sustainable

Here are some benefits of copper, and why recycling this metal is feasible:

  • Durability. Copper products are highly durable. In fact, they can be used repeatedly without reducing performance. It is also the most highly rated thermal and electrical conductor among metals used in infrastructure.
  • Highly reusable. Goods with copper, such as mobile phones and washing machines, can be passed on to newer items for reuse. It also keeps renewable energy systems running.
  • Reduces harmful carbon emissions. Power systems that use copper generate, transmit and use energy with greater efficiency. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with copper ore mining and metal extraction.
  • Less waste produced. Scrap from waste, electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), electrical cables, plumbing pipes and other metal items can be collected, dismantled and sorted. The copper extracted from these materials can be melted, cast and manufactured into new copper products. This process does not produce harmful gases.
  • Energy-efficient. Recycling copper uses only 10 GJ/tonne, compared to the 100GJ/tonne required to extract copper from copper ore. As a result, there is a lesser amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. The use of oil, gas and coal reserves are minimised as well.  
  • Cost-efficient. Recycled copper is worth up to 90 per cent of the cost of its original. Continuous recycling also maintains the low cost of copper products because of its consistent supply.

Our role in helping the environment

Your business has a part to play to meet the growing demand for this metal in various industries across Europe. Partner with LKM Recycling for your copper wire recycling needs.

We buy, collect and recycle scrap metal from all our partners across the country. We have years of experience with recycling non-ferrous metal. We accept all grades of non-ferrous scrap metal for recycling, including aluminium, brass, gun metal and mixed copper.

Our team can assist you to determine what grade of material you have. Give us a call on 01795 439393 to discuss your requirements.

Recycling Copper

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