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The Dangers of Burning Cardboard

In Brighton, homeowners set aside about fifty tonnes of quality cardboard for recycling every week. However, a whistleblower revealed that the cardboard collected recently had been incinerated instead of reprocessed.

Throwing cardboard to the flames might seem innocuous but, according to recent studies, burning cardboard is just as dangerous as burning plastic. Here’s why.

It’s a Minefield

There is a common misconception that cardboard is just thicker paper. This is the truth: cardboard is often treated with man-made chemicals during its manufacturing processes. Enkindling cardboard poses extremely harmful effects to both your health and the environment.

Synthetic inks used to mark them may contain lead and cadmium that settle onto plants, water and soil when carried along with smoke. Breathing in the fumes has also been linked to loss of coordination, red blood cell production interference, liver and kidney deterioration as well as birth defects.

The worst thing you can do is to carelessly burn cardboard, exposing yourself and your surroundings to hazardous chemicals. Nothing good comes out of haphazardly setting things aflame.

Getting Rid of Cardboard—Properly

The safest way to discard cardboard is to recycle it. Cardboard is one of the most highly produced waste materials all over the world yet people in the UK are still unaware about its recyclability. It’s about time we recognise cardboard as recyclable waste and take action to ensure its proper disposal.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, LKM Recycling is at the forefront of total waste management solutions. We accept all forms of cardboard, both in loosed and baled forms. Our skips and containers pick up cardboard waste directly from your area—commit to safe waste disposal with us.

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