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Taking on the Paper-Light Approach for Your Workplace

Digitisation is slowly becoming the norm throughout the world. However, it seems that companies are still struggling with the concept of a paperless workplace. From utilising manhours for digitising printed records to requiring wet ink signatures for legal documents, organisations are faced with many challenges to going paperless.

Fortunately, if you can’t go paperless, you can go ‘paper-light’ to drive productivity and save your organisation a pretty penny.

What is the Paper-Light Approach?

The concept of a paperless society was first introduced in the late 70s by Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster in the book, Towards Paperless Information Systems. The information scientist envisioned a world where technology was utilised in order to reduce dependence on paper. However, even after 40 years, the world is still struggling with the concept. Thus, the creation of the paper-light approach.

This approach was conceived as a practical alternative to the paperless society concept. Instead of completely ridding the world of paper and pulp products, the paper-light approach simply reduces our dependence on these materials. The approach recognises that most of the corporate world still uses paper in most of its operations. When a company chooses to go paper-light, they are embracing the shift to digital in a pace that suits their needs.     

Why Should Your Office Adopt this Approach?

There are several advantages to reducing paper use and subsequent waste in the workplace. Here is a quick list of what you get when you go paper-light.

  • Reduce Expenses

Paper is a costly expense for any workplace. By simply speaking with your office manager or accountant, you can review how much your company spends on paper. You can take it a step further and calculate how much of the material is used once before disposed of. Once you have gotten the figures you will see just how much paper takes from your yearly budget.

In opting to go digital for certain documents and paperwork, you can significantly on paper materials. This can lead to the reallocation of funds to other solutions that can further optimise your operations.

  • Optimise Efficiency

For older companies, there is the presence of stockpiles of documents from years past. Implementing a digital document management system and converting these files for digital storage frees up space in your office. Moreover, it has the potential to streamline processes since everything will be in one database instead of scattered around multiple shelves and filing cabinets.

  • Improve Security

There is a security risk in printing confidential data on paper. The chances of misplacing important documents are higher than losing them digitally. By keeping certain documents digitally, you can improve the security in your company as you have more control over who has access to the information.

  • Boost CSR Efforts

Going paper-light for your workplace gives you the opportunity to boost CSR efforts. Once you have converted your files, you can have the paper wasterecycled for reuse. Doing so has the potential to significantly minimise your company’s carbon footprint while promoting sustainable environmental practices in the workplace.

It will take some time before the use of paper is completely eliminated, but a number of UK companies have proven that it is possible. Slowly removing paper from business operations gives your company a step in the right direction. As the world continues to adapt to the digital world, a paperless society is even more possible than ever.

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