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Skip Hire Guide 2019 – Skip Hire Prices and Sizing

LKM Skip Hire Guide

Our skip hire guide will hopefully cover off most questions you will have when hiring a skip for your waste. In our experience these are usually focused on 3 areas. A guide to the various skip sizes, skip hire prices and finally on what materials can go in your skip. If you have any further questions that are not answered here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by web chat phone or email and we can help solve your query

Skip Hire Sizes

Below is a breakdown of most of the common skip sizes in the UK. Skips are commonly measured in yards which is an indication of cubic capacity of the skip, not the length, which can cause confusion. Therefore, we have laid out the skip sizes with all relevant information you may need. Other skip sizes will be available and can go up to 40 Yard for commercial use

Skip Size Yards³ Skip Size Meters³ Dimensions Feet
(L x W x H)
Dimensions Meters
(L x W x H)
Bin Bags
2 Yard Skip 1.5m³ 5’0″ x 3’4″ x 2’5″ 1.5m x 1m x 0.75m 16
3 Yard Skip 2.3m³ 5’5″ x 3’6″ x 2’8 1.7m x 1.1m x 0.85m 25
4 Yard Skip 3m³ 5’11” x 4’0″ x 3’2″ 1.8m x 1.2m x 0.95m 33
5 Yard Skip 3.8m³ 8’0″ x 4’0″ x 3’4″ 2.5m x 1.8m x 1m 41
6 Yard Skip 4m³ 8’6″ x 5’0″ x 4’0″ 2.6m x 1.5m x 1.2m 50
7 Yard Skip 5.4m³ 9’2″ x 5’0″ x 4’0″ 2.8m x 1.5m x 1.2m 55
8 Yard Skip 6.1m³ 10’6″ x 5’9″ x 4’0″ 3.2m x 1.75m x 1.2m 60
10 Yard Skip 7.6m³ 12′ x 5’9″ x 4’11” 3.5m x 1.75m x 1.5m 80
12 Yard Skip 9.8m³ 12’2″ x 5’9″ x 5’6″ 3.7m 1.75m x 1.7m 100

Please be aware all sizes are approximate to be used as an estimate and skips from different skip companies can vary in size and shape. Please check with your skip hire company when ordering.

Which size skip should I hire?

In the UK the most commonly hired skip is an 8 yard skip meaning this will give you 8 cubic yards of space. If you are disposing of bulky waste you could hire a 10 or 12 yard skips. The range of skips will vary depending on your supplier.

How big is an 8 yard skip?

Skip sizes in the UK are measured in yards, which can be confusing. An 8 yard skip will have 8 cubic yards of space. Check the table above for approximate sizes of the most common skips in the UK in feet & inches, meters & cm and bin bag capacity

What is the most common skip size in the UK?

The most common skip sizes are 6 or 8 yard skips, although sizing really depends on what you require the skip for. Therefore, please check with your skip provider and they will be able to advise you of the best skip for the job.

Skip Hire Prices

Skip prices will vary across the UK depending on competition, area and other factors. Below we have included our pricing for skips in the Kent area. For pricing in your area get in touch with a company such as skip hire network who offer skips nationwide

6 Yard Skip Price £180.00 £36.00 £216.00
8 Yard Skip Price £210.00 £42.00 £252.00
10 Yard Skip Price £265.00 £53.00 £318.00
12 Yard Skip Price £290.00 £58.00 £348.00
PERMIT £82.50 £16.50 £99.00

Please be aware all prices are for LKM’s skip hire service and include delivery of a skip to anywhere in the Kent county. This is an indication and skip hire prices will be different across the country depending on region and operator.

How much is it to hire a skip?

The average cost to hire an 8 yard skip in the UK is around £250 not including permits. A permit is required if placing the skip on a public highway and range from £50 – £100. Skip prices will vary based on the size of the skip you require and your location.

What is the cheapest way to hire a skip?

The cheapest way to hire a skip will be a 2 yard skip although these are not common place and wont hold much waste. Also consider if you can put the skip on your property or have to place on a public highway as this will require a permit adding to the cost.

Skip Hire – Frequently Asked Questions


How does skip hire work?

First choose the size of skip you will need and how long you will need it. Likewise, also decide if the skip will be placed on a public road as this will require a permit. You should also think about the type of waste that you wish to dispose of. Hazardous waste such as asbestos will require a specialist company. Any reputable skip company will be able to assist you making skip hire easy.

What can I put in a skip

General waste, garden waste and builders waste are widely accepted, as are papers, metals furniture and most small electricals.

What can’t I put in a skip

Not commonly accepted are any hazardous substances, paints, asbestos, fridge freezers and televisions. Always check with your skip company before hiring

Will I need a permit to hire a skip?

If your skip is being placed on a public highway then you will need a permit. Roads, paths and pavements are all classed as highways,  If your skip is being placed on your property such as your garden, private car park space or driveway you will therefore not require a permit. Your skip provider usually will have to arrange the permit for you through your local council

How long can you keep a skip for?

The average skip hire time in the UK is 2 weeks. Although skip hire can range from 1 day through to 4 weeks depending on the company you hire from, and your requirements. You may require a longer period or a quick turnaround to get it off your drive.

Can I put a skip on my road?

To place a skip on the public highway you will require a permit from the local council which has to be obtained by your skip hire company. As a result most roads will be granted a permit but some roads can be denied due to space, access or parking restrictions in place.

Can I put a skip on my garden?

You can place a skip on your garden which will negate the need for a permit. However, please remember your garden must have good access as a skip lorry will need to drop off and pick up the skip. Also if you have a prize winning lawn this may be churned up.

Can I hire a skip for the weekend?

Most skip hire companies can arrange quick drop off and pickups for you. However please check with your skip company if they work weekends and if there is an extra charge for weekend drop off/ pickups

How long does it take to hire a skip?

Most reputable skip hire companies have online booking systems making it easy to hire a skip. Stock and transport restrictions for you local company will define on how quickly they can get a skip out to you.

What happens to the waste in my skip?

A reputable skip hire company will be a registered waste carrier and a registered waste transfer station. Most Recycling or skip companies will operate a zero to Landfill policy which means your waste will be sorted and recycled where possible.

Please check your skip company has a waste carriers licence and the material is being diverted from landfill as some waste carriers operate without licences and material is dumped or burned. You are now liable to check the licences of any company you give your waste to.

If you have any further questions about hiring a skip then don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, email or start a webchat with us today and we can address your concerns. 


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