Scrap Metal Prices UK

What are the current scrap metal prices in the UK?

Scrap metal prices are constantly changing as scrap metal is a commodity that acts in the same way as oil or any other natural resource. The price will fluctuate based on supply and demand, currency changes and other factors. There are various types and also various grades of metal that will all fetch different prices in the UK market.

UK scrap metal prices fluctuate daily, so its often difficult to establish an estimated figure of what your scrap metal is worth. To help you price your metal please see our pricing tables with our current listings to give you an idea of today’s scrap metal prices. If you need help classifying your metal then please get in touch 

All Prices last checked and updated on – 24/02/2020


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Current Scrap Copper Prices UK

Scrap Copper Prices 
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
Dry Bright Copper £4,100 £4.10
Greasy Bright Copper £3,550 £3.55
No. 1 Burnt Copper Wire £3,500 £3.50
No. 2 Burnt Copper Wire £3,350 £3.35
Heavy Copper (98%) £3,600 £3.60
New Copper Tube £3,900 £3.90
Braziery Copper £3,150 £3.15
Copper Turning/Rads £3,450 £3.45
Compo Rads £1,400 £1.40
Electric Motors (max 3 tonne each) £340 £0.34
Low Grade Armoured Cable (20-25%) £630 £0.63
VIR/Household Cable (40-45%) £1,050 £1.05
Plastic Pyro £1,100 £1.10
Single Core £1,600 £1.60
Twin & Earth £1,100 £1.10
Clean Pyro Cable £1,500 £1.50

Current Scrap Iron Prices UK

Scrap Iron & Steel Prices
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
Light Iron £80 £0.08
Shearing £125 £0.12
No. 1 £150 £0.15
OA/Light Steel Cuts £165 £0.16
7B/Turnings £110 £0.11
Engine Metal £180 £0.18
Brake Discs/Drums £180 £0.18
Over Size Heavy £75 £0.07
Mixed £115 £0.11
Cast Iron £140 £0.14
Complete Cars  £100 £0.10
Incomplete Cars £60 £0.06

Current Scrap Brass Prices UK

Scrap Brass Prices 
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
Mixed Brass £2,450 £2.45
Brass Wire £2,350 £2.35
Brass Borings £2,300 £2.30

Current Scrap Bronze Prices UK

Scrap Bronze Prices
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
Commercial PB Bushes/Bearings £3,100 £3.10
PB Borings £2,300 £2.30
Gun Metal Solids £3,100 £3.10

Current Scrap Lead Prices UK

Scrap Lead Prices
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
Lead Scrap £1250 £1.25
Lead/Acid Batteries £500 £0.50

Current Scrap Aluminium Prices UK

Scrap Aluminium Prices
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
Clean HE9 (2ft) £700 £0.70
Painted HE9 (max 2ft) £700 £0.70
Poly Cuts £600 £0.60
Clean Alloy Wheels £800 £0.80
Commercial Pure £600 £0.60
Durol £500 £0.50
Ali Cable £300 £0.30
Ali Quadrant (max 2ft) £700 £0.70
Ali Cuts (20% poly max/no paint) £600 £0.60
Cast Aluminium £500 £0.50
Old Rolled Aluminium £500 £0.50
Aluminium Turnings £300 £0.30
Clean Ali/Copper Radiators £1,350 £1.35
Irony Aluminium £150 £0.15

Current Scrap Stainless Steel Prices UK

Scrap Stainless Steel Prices & Others
Last Updated on 24/02/2020 Price per Tonne Price per Kg
18/8 Stainless Steel Solids (max 2ft) £650 £0.65
18/8 Stainless Steel Turnings £550 £0.55
316 Stainless Steel £950 £0.95
Chrome £100 £0.10
Zinc £600 £0.60

Prices for all grades of metal are a guide only and are subject to change at any time due to market changes. If you have metal to sell then please call on 01795 439393 to confirm any prices before you visit the weighbridge


Are Scrap Metal prices going up or down in the UK in 2019?

Scrap metal pricing changes daily and market forces determine if it goes up or down. The factors that affect any commodity are mainly global supply and demand and currency changes, so its difficult to predict the market and define if the price will rise or fall. 

How are metal prices determined in the UK?

Metal is traded on the London Metal Exchange daily and this sets the benchmark for metal pricing in the UK. The Exchange will look at the global metal markets supply and demand and pricing will adjust accordingly as with any other commodity. get in touch for scrap metal values today.

Different types of scrap metal 

There are many different types of scrap metals. The most common types of scrap metal scrapped in the UK are

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Lead

Each of these different metals has different grades depending on quality and purity. 

Different grades of scrap metal

Each metal has different grades alongside the different types. Metal grades usually denote the quality of the metal and its purity.  Grade 1 copper for example will be worth more than grade 2 as grade 1 has 100% purity. If you unsure what type or grade your metal is you can get in touch with our team today on 01795 439393

How can I get the most money for my metal?

You can call round you local yards to get the best prices as each scrap yard will have different pricing for their metals and some will react quicker to changes than others. However most reputable yards will be changing prices weekly or daily to ensure the best service 

How can I work out the weight of my scrap metal?

The most common weights used in the UK metal industry are tonnes and kilos. 1 tonne equals to 1000 kg so for scrap metal prices per kg divide the tonne price by 1000 to get your Kg price.

£3000 per tonne = £3 per Kg.

To get your scrap metal prices per tonne multiply Kg price by 1000/

£3.50 per Kg = £3500 per tonne.

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