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Theft in the office is more common than you might realise. According to a survey conducted by management consultant Accenture, 69 per cent of the 209 organisations they interviewed had experienced an attempted or realised data theft over the previous 12 months.

A plan to safeguard your company’s data is an important component of a security strategy, regardless of whether the data are in digital form or on paper. Below are ways to secure your company’s confidential information.

Protect your network

To reduce the risk of data theft from computer files, restrict downloads and block off any USB or SD card slots that can access your company network. Install recording software to monitor screen activity in the company. Restrict employee use of their own gadgets for work and ensure that all files are encrypted.

Many companies today prefer to use online data repositories. Storing your data online is generally safer compared to more traditional ways of storing information. Even the most tech savvy companies store hard copy files in the office. Depending on the sensitivity of the data, installing CCTV or alarm systems for out-of-office hours and enforcing strict file access procedures will limit the risk of information theft.  

If you have worries about your company’s data security, or are expanding and want to ensure that your business has the capacity to manage data securely, hire a company to assess the security of your online network. The report will not only inform you if your standard operating procedures are credible; it will also inform you of your network’s weak points, and provide solutions.

Develop a culture of security

Conduct awareness training on hacking and phishing. A lot of hackers use password theft and phishing to breach security and access company data online. Make sure your employees can quickly determine if an email is a potential threat to the company and if a website is credible or a front for something else.

Develop your company culture in a way that employees will not be afraid of reporting suspicious activities by colleagues. Set up a system where anonymity and confidentiality encourages staff to come forward if they are suspicious about someone from a more senior position.

Properly dispose of your confidential information

For computer files, hackers are able to retrieve data even when they are already deleted. There are available software programmes that secure the deletion of your company’s online data.

Document shredding is usually not enough to properly dispose of confidential information because shredded pieces can still be put back together. BBC reported an event that happened in 1979 when Iranian students spent years reassembling an intelligence report from the US embassy that had been shredded by CIA officers.

Confidential information needs a more thorough disposal process. LKM Recycling offers confidential data shredding services to ensure the proper disposal of confidential business information. We offer shredding services to cater to home-based workers and large companies. We also dispose of confidential data on any media devices, including data from hard drives and USB drives.

You can choose to schedule a regular weekly or monthly collection of your confidential waste, or choose our one-off service.

Contact us today and we will help you securely dispose of confidential information for your company’s security.

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