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Fly tipping is a serious criminal offence in the UK. According to Keep Britain Tidy, fly tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste onto any land that does not have a licence to accept it. For the year 2017, local authorities in England dealt with 998,000 fly-tipping incidents and in 2018, fly-tipping incidents were discovered 2,700 times in a single day signifying how big the problem is.

According to the National Flytipping Prevention Group, it is your responsibility to clear and dispose of rubbish that was dumped on your private property. But before that, you should not move or remove the said waste until you have notified the authorities.

Whether it’s domestic or commercial waste, dumping rubbish is a great nuisance, illegal and gives the community a bad reputation.

Legally disposing of waste

As a resident or a business, it’s your duty to take care of your waste legally. In the UK, most waste is relatively easy to get rid of. There are specific councils that offer comprehensive collection services for waste management and recycling. This free collection is a result of council tax payment.

However, this free collection has a limit and residents have to find a way to manage their excess rubbish which is why some resort to illegally dumping their leftover waste in highways or private property.

There are a few options you can choose from if you can’t dispose of your rubbish in your regular waste collection service such as finding a local community recycling centre, donating to a reuse charity, or hiring a commercial waste collection service such as a skip hire service.

Advantages of Hiring Skip Bin Services

Hiring a skip bin service is a simple legal way to get rid of your waste. Skip bins are used to manage the waste of commercial and residential areas. These bins are available in different sizes according to your needs, from 6 to 12 yards.

Disposing rubbish is not a simple thing to do and while we can do it ourselves, having professionals take care of it is a huge weight off of one’s shoulders. Here are the benefits of using skip hire services:

  • Saves time and effort – Disposing of your own waste means collecting your waste by yourself and arranging for transportation. Naturally, this costs you a considerable amount of your free time and effort whereas when hiring skip bins, they deliver the bins to your location and dispose of it for you.
  • Allows you to dispose of waste in one go – Because of the large sizes available of skip bins, you can get rid of your waste in one collection. This is a huge benefit especially for businesses who produce large volumes of waste on a daily basis. No matter how much waste you need to dispose of, a skip bin will ensure easy disposal.


Protects the environment – Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring skip bin services is that they know exactly how to dispose of the rubbish properly. They provide responsible and proper waste management by getting rid of our waste and protecting the environment at the same time. If you want to take care of your waste in an eco-friendly way, hiring skip bins for your residence or business is the best option.

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