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Secure Confidential Shredding Services

If you need your confidential waste dealt with, get in touch today for a free quote. We can collect your confidential waste from your home address and ensure a secure destruction service.

Home or Office Shredding

We support secure document destruction from both home and business customers. Whatever your needs get in touch

Regular Collections

We can schedule regular weekly or monthly conversions to collect your confidential waste from your premesis. Speak to one of our advisors today.

On Demand Collections

We can schedule your collections on an ad hoc basis. So no matter what volume you have we can help remove your confidential waste

Hard Drive & Media Destruction

We can securely destroy data on any media device. From hard drives to USB thumb sticks. Get in touch today

One Off Shredding

We can offer a one off shredding service for our customers. If you have a room to be cleared or just need a one off collection, give us a call

Certified Shredding

We can issue a certificate of destuction for your confidential waste to ensure a secure end to end service for your waste.

Shredding for Your Home or Your Business

From home based freelancers through to larger offices we can help you ensure that your confidential waste is properly disposed of. If you need to ensure that your data is destroyed in accordance to GDPR regulations, Get in touch today to see how we can help

Speak With an Agent

We have agents waiting to take your call. So get in touch for a professional chat about your shredding needs whether large or small .

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Certificate of Destruction

We can issue a certificate of destruction for you or your business, so you can be assured that your confdidential waste is properly disposed of

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Business Shredding

If you are in charge of disposing of confidential waste for your business then we can help. Get in touch today to see how we can help

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Paper Shredding Services

Businesses often produce paper waste for documentation purposes but do not know what to do with the stacks of used paper after. LKM Recycling, a leading waste-management company in the UK, offers shredding services for bulk paper waste.

Paper shredding and recycling is a better alternative to sending all your paper waste to the landfills. For environmentally friendly solutions to your paper waste, opt for paper shredding services with us.

High-Quality Operations

LKM Recycling wants to make sure we fulfil your total waste-management needs. We have a secure facility that keeps our shredding equipment safe and secure. Our machines are high-tech and constantly maintained, ensuring smooth operations at all times. The team at LKM Recycling are qualified professionals, and  have years of experience in handling confidential paper waste. We also make sure that we stay true to our Zero Waste advocacy by recycling the paper after the shredding process.



Confidential and Secure Shredding

Documentation is a necessity in every institution. More often than not, improper disposal of paper waste may lead to unwarranted disclosure of confidential information. According to the Data Protection Act 1998, companies and organisations have a legal responsibility to segregate their confidential material waste from normal waste to ensure the safety of the information. All institutions must take the necessary precautions to maintain the confidentiality of their data.

Secure Closed Loop Process

LKM Recycling follows a highly secure process in collecting, shredding and recycling paper waste. Businesses approach us for the secure destruction of confidential documents and we ensure them that we do the job properly. We provide confidential shredding services for old medical records, dated legal or financial documents, data of former employees and more. Just let us know your requirements and we will execute the shredding process for you.

shredding services

Secure Product Destruction

LKM offer a secure product destruction service to our clients. If you need confidential data or waste securely disposed of then call us today to discuss your requirements

Confidential Waste Disposal

LKM can deal with your confidential business waste in the correct way. Be assured that your business is protected from leaks of either company or customer data. Call today to discuss

shredding services

Protect your Business

Protect your business from prosecution under the data protection act by letting us securely deal with your confidential business waste. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business.

Our Customers

“LKM Recycling made the handling of our confidential data a breeze. With the free on loan console our office is now GDPR compliant and the service we have received has been awesome. Highly recommended”

“The solution to our confidential waste problem was solved quickly and efficiently by the team at LKM recycling. We now have 6 secure bins that are collected each month. Certificates of destruction are emailed within 24 hours “

“We have been a customer of LKM Recycling for many years, for other services. It was a no brainer for us when they offered us a solution to be GDPR compliant with our confidential waste. Thanks again!”

Confidential Shredding Made Easy.

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