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Why Businesses Should Prioritise Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Even with the growth of the paperless office, many businesses still rely on paper and cardboard. Whether they are used for packaging, storing or documenting, paper and cardboard products are found in almost every business. Many business do try to limit their dependence on paper and cardboard but could find greater efficiency by using a waste management company to recycle their paper and cardboard.  

The Preferred Packaging Material

A recent survey conducted by Two Sides and an international research agency called Toluna has revealed that UK consumers have a strong preference for paper and cardboard packaging. The respondents prefer these materials due to their eco-friendliness, practicality and recyclability. Out of the five hundred respondents, 78 per cent prefer paper and cardboard packaging due to them being biodegradable materials.

Paper and Cardboard’s Environmental Impact

Although paper and cardboard are recyclable, their production can be detrimental to the environment. It takes over two tonnes of pine just to make a tonne of newspaper. The production of these two materials requires massive gallons of water and copious amounts of wood pulp.

As businesses use a lot of paper and cardboard materials in their operations, recycling efforts should be prioritised. Recycling these two materials can eliminate large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, cut down on logging, save water and lessen landfill use.  

Business Benefit

Recycling cardboard and paper products not only helps the environment, but it also helps lessen business expenses. As the cost of landfill disposal increases, sending easily recyclable waste is not a practical option. To avoid leaving recyclable waste in landfills, it’s better for businesses to segregate their waste properly by focusing on recycling their paper and cardboard waste.

Supporting Cardboard and Paper Recycling

Cardboard and paper recycling creates a broad range of post-consumer products. Recycling these two materials can produce new packaging materials such as boxes and gift wrappers. If your business purchases recycled paper and cardboard products, your company contributes to lessening the harmful environmental impact of producing these two materials from scratch. Cardboard can be recycled as much as paper can. In fact, cardboard can go through five to seven life cycles before finally being used up.

The LKM Way of Recycling Paper and Cardboard  

If you’re looking for a reliable recycling company in Kent. LKM Recycling is the company to call. Our paper and cardboard recycling services enable you to lessen the amount of waste your company is sending to landfills. This not only reduces expenses for transporting your waste but it also ensures your company complies with environmental regulations. With LKM Recycling, we help your company embrace sustainable practices while establishing a competitive advantage over competitors.  

We accept all forms of cardboard and paper in both baled and loose forms. Our reliable waste-collection services provide you with a point of contact for the proper disposal of your waste. Being a sustainable business helps you connect with your employees and customers and lessen the negative environmental impact of waste in landfills.  

Contact one of our sales representatives on 01795 439393 to enquire how we can help with your cardboard and paper waste.

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