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Solving the UK’s Plastic Waste Crisis

According to NatGeo, people all over the world have produced about 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic which has created 6.3 billion tonnes of waste. Seventy-nine percent of that waste is thrown away into landfills or directly out into the environment. Unfortunately, only 9 percent goes to recycling firms, and the rest is reduced to ashes.

With the amount of waste being thrown into the environment, businesses should be active in practising waste management now more than ever. The UK, in particular, may soon experience a plastic waste management crisis due to the current reported ban on waste export.

The Adverse Effects of Plastic Waste

Industry experts have warned Members of the Parliament about the potential toxicity of plastic waste. The UN has also issued warnings about the threat to human health caused by plastic waste. Its dangers include toxin consumption by humans and animals, groundwater poisoning and air pollution.

Plastic pollution, if not managed properly, can bring long-term risks to human health. Also, the fact that plastic takes a long time to decay and break down could cause serious damage to the environment.

Recycling: An Answer to the Plastic Problem

We at LKM Recycling strive to divert waste materials away from landfill sites with our plastic waste recycling services. We manage all kinds of plastic waste from post-industrial to post-consumer waste. Once recycled, plastic can be re-used in other manufacturing processes or the creation of new products.

Recycling promotes better corporate responsibility and helps drive innovation. We constantly design and develop new methods and approaches that optimise our ability to recycle material from a range of industries.

If you are interested in reducing your business’ plastic waste, give us a call, and we will take care of the rest. Make LKM recycling your first choice in waste management solutions. Contact us today for any inquiries.

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