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Avoiding a Data Breach by Safely Disposing of Confidential Documents

The idea of criminals rummaging through your rubbish bin or scavenging a landfill for personal data seems far-fetched, but crime involving stolen confidential documents could harm your company’s reputation. The proper disposal of confidential documents is crucial to protect your employees and customers.

Avoiding a Breach of Data

Based on government statistics, 90 percent of large and 75 percent of small UK businesses have experienced a breach of confidential data. Keeping classified corporate information secure is not something that should be taken lightly, and should be considered a necessity for any business.

Although shredding services are one of the safest ways to dispose of business documents, there are alternative methods you can utilise to destroy or render documents unrecognisable so that it would be difficult to reconstruct usable information.  

Pulping Corporate Documents

Submerging your company’s confidential documents in bleach water destroys the colourants of the ink, making them unrecognisable. Depending on the quantity of your waste, you can use either a small or large bin to place all the documents that will be pulped.

First, remove the documents from any envelopes or folders, and make sure the bundle of paper is free from staple wires and paper clips. Next, place the bundle inside the bin and pour in the bleach and water. The quantity of bleach water depends on how many documents you intend to pulp, but the average proportion of the liquid should consist of 80 percent water and 20 percent bleach.

Make sure all documents are submerged so that they are completely saturated. If you need to push down on the papers, use a broomstick or wear rubber gloves. Finally, let the papers sit in the bleach water for twenty-four hours so that they will be easy to pulp. The following day, drain the bleach water from the bin, pulp the soaked papers and place them in a garbage bag.  

Incinerating Confidential Papers

Another method of disposing of your papers is by burning them. In most cases, your company needs a waste management license, a registered waste exemption or a pollution prevention and control permit for burning waste.

If your company decides to not get a license or permit, you can always resort to recycling companies that offer incinerating services. However, this may also require you to obtain a permit for the recycling company to incinerate your confidential papers.  

Safely Shredding Documents

Although prolonged soaking and incinerating are effective methods, they are both time consuming and can cost extra. If you are looking for a fast and efficient method, LKM Recycling offers safe and secure shredding services. We follow a safe process of collecting and shredding paper waste. Our high-tech shredding machines are routinely maintained, which ensures smooth operation all the time. After the shredding process, we adhere to our Zero Waste advocacy by recycling the paper into biodegradable products.

At LKM Recycling, you do not need to remove your confidential documents from folders or envelopes. You only need to organise all paper waste and separate the confidential material. To discuss your shredding requirements, call 01795 439393.  

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