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Keeping Wood Waste from the Landfill by Using Reclaimed Wood

The UK is recycling scrap wood at an amazing rate of 60 per cent (2.8 million tonnes) annually. Unfortunately, the remaining percentage, which is still a lot, is mostly incorrectly used as burning wood for stoves and fireplaces. The smoke coming from some types of wood is believed to be more potent and harmful than carbon dioxide.

Not all businesses realise that scrap wood has many other uses that could do more good than damage to the environment. In fact, one of scrap wood’s interesting uses promotes sustainability in the design and architecture industries.

The Charm of Reclaimed Wood

As its name suggests, reclaimed wood is timber recovered from old barns, old furniture, wooden pallets, barrels, fencing and other post-consumer lumber.

In recent years, certain interior design styles have featured elements made from reclaimed wood, such as wall panels, small furniture, cupboards and headboards. This design preference for reclaimed wood is largely attributed to the charm of the material’s texture, appearance and durability.

Reclaimed wood adds a vintage and rustic charm to any space with its naturally aged colouring. This material also caters to biophilic design requirements that have been found to have significant effects on human health.

Materials made from reclaimed wood are also durable and will last longer than virgin materials. This is because reclaimed wood has expanded and contracted as much as it can from years of exposure to hot and cold atmospheres.

A Sustainable Design Choice

Choosing elements made of reclaimed wood instead of virgin timber has significant environmental benefits. Refurbishing reclaimed wood consumes less energy than cutting and transporting virgin wood, which follows that using reclaimed wood lessens the need to harvest and produce wood from virgin timber.

According to a study published in the journal Carbon Balance and Management, choosing reclaimed wood allows trees to perform their function of absorbing carbon dioxide. The campaign said that for every 30 trees that are not harvested for timber, around 430 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide is absorbed.

Scrap Wood Recycling in Kent

Maximise the eco-friendly and sustainable benefits of your scrap wood. Instead of sending it to landfill, send it to our team. We at LKM Recycling offer cost-effective services for scrap wood collection and recycling.

We understand the importance of recycling wood, especially since we generate wood waste at an alarming rate. We aim to encourage businesses in Kent and across the UK to fulfil their corporate responsibility, which can be achieved by diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill and sending their recyclables to us.

Trusted Waste Management Experts in the UK

Entrust your wood waste recycling needs to LKM Recycling. We have over 35 years of experience in commercial waste management for various industries. We accept untreated wooden products, pallets, solid softwood and hardwood and other recyclable waste.

We operate towards our goal of becoming totally zero-waste. We are constantly discovering new methods that will allow our clients to follow suit. By putting recyclable waste to good use, plenty of energy and resources are saved.

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