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How Your Business Can Benefit From Going Green

More and more companies are becoming environmentally-conscious. Join the cause and enjoy the hefty benefits of going green.

Savings and Profit?

Shifting to energy efficient systems reduce energy consumption and costs. Small business can easily shift by opting for energy-efficient AC and heating systems. Bigger companies can invest in audits to find ways to cut on energy consumption.

Reducing your waste can lessen the amount you pay for waste removal. When you engage our services, you not only get cost-effective waste removal; your company can also make money. With our UPVC recycling solutions, for example, your company can potentially get a rebate when you choose to recycle your UPVC window frames.

Government Incentives and Tax Breaks

Get grants from the government each time you buy green vehicles such as electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. You can receive grants up to £1,500 for green motorcycles and mopeds, up to £4,500 for cars, and up to £8,000 for a van.

For taxes, you can claim for capital allowances when you install energy saving systems, or low-carbon or zero-carbon technology. You can qualify for 100% first-year allowances both for the energy saving machinery and the low-emission cars. The green cars can also reduce your road tax and company car tax.

Improve Your Company’s Brand Image

Being an environmentally-conscious company boosts your company reputation. As the public is now more aware and getting more involved with environmental concerns, more and more people seek companies and businesses who make a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment.  Going green, thus attracts new customers and investors.

LKM team offers advice on how you can manage your waste, leading you to efficient, cost-effective solutions. If you are looking for a plastic recycling company, give us a call. You can also follow our blog for more tips on how to be green and updates on public and private actions done towards sustainable development.

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