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How Recycling uPVC Window Frames Helps the Environment

With improper disposal, UPVC window frames are damaging to the environment. Materials made from uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) do not decompose, making them difficult to eliminate.

Using uPVC products in itself is not the problem. It’s the way we use and dispose of them. Unfortunately, like most products, uPVC products will likely end up floating aimlessly in our oceans or end up in landfills, taking up space and contaminating the natural environment. When these materials pile up, we have a considerable problem on our hands.

Fortunately, there is an alternative — recycling. At LKM, uPVC recycling is part of our waste collection services. As it turns out, uPVC frames make for effective and sustainable building materials. uPVC materials are made from salt and oil. They are ‘unplasticised’, meaning they lack plasticisers, an item added to make plastics more flexible. That means uPVC products are hardy and resilient, making them well-suited for construction projects. These factors make uPVC products perfect for recycling.

Using recycled UPVC products is highly beneficial for you and the environment. Here are a few reasons why:

1. They’re sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you choose recycled uPVC window frames, you reduce the need to manufacture new products and cut back the energy needed for it. Recycling also preserves raw materials and natural resources needed to make them. Using recycled uPVC also clears up landfills where used uPVC frames and collateral waste from uPVC production would normally go.

Not only are uPVC products sustainable, they also have incredibly long lifespans. In fact, uPVC items can be recycled up to ten times or more without affecting their performance, according to the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The BRE estimates that uPVC window frames have a reference service life that lasts around 35-40 years on average.

2.They are energy-efficient

Recycled uPVC window frames can lead to savings. Like most plastics, uPVC can insulate your home efficiently, shielding you from the cold and keeping warm air inside. You can maintain warmth in your home without racking up your utility bills.

3.They are hardy and dependable

In addition to having a long lifespan, uPVC products are also sturdy and durable. They are low-maintenance and can last for years without having to be replaced. The very things that make them difficult to dispose of are also what allow them to function and survive a long time.

Recycled uPVC window frames are not vulnerable to rust, rot or warping, and they do not need to be furnished or varnished. Recycled uPVC windows are themselves recyclable, which reduces the need to dispose of uPVC plastics considerably.

4. They are affordable

Though many eco-friendly products tend to be more expensive than their non-green counterparts, uPVC is the exception to the rule. uPVC window frames are not only cheaper than regular and non-recycled frames, but they are also easier and less costly to maintain.

Using recycled uPVC window frames is an excellent way to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint. With these highly sustainable products, you’re contributing to your savings and the environment.

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