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How Carpentry and Joinery Businesses Should Recycle Wood Waste

Carpentry and joinery companies do have an impact on specific environmental issues. With their numerous orders of timber, they are bound to over-order or receive timber that has off-cuts or defects. These extra or defective pieces of timber are not used in their production and get turned into wood waste.

Wood waste from carpentry and joinery companies is one of the common types of rubbish that fills up landfills. There are many ways to recycle wood waste, so there is less impact on the environment.

Recycling Wood Waste

Carpentry and joinery companies can make changes to their site operations by allowing defects and over-orders of timber to be recycled. They can plan a waste management training course for staff to be knowledgeable on timber recycling. This may open new initiatives on how such wood could be used or even reused. This would certainly make more sense than sending it off to the landfill

Wood waste can be recycled in many ways such as bedding products for animals, fuel chips, biofuel for factories and more. Sending wood waste to different industries that need it can provide carpentry and joinery companies with extra income. Ultimately, having a well-established waste management program for wood waste can make the said companies locally recognised as an environmentally-friendly company, which increases the reputation of the brand in the process.

LKM’s Wood Recycling Services

LKM Recycling offers cost-effective services for wood waste recycling and collection. Entrusting your company’s wood waste management needs to LKM Recycling ensures that your wood waste will be properly recycled.

Taking advantage of LKM Recycling’s efficient wood waste services can help assist your company’s fulfilment of your corporate social responsibility programmes and the sustainability of your operations. We accept A Grade clean wood and C Grade dirty wood. However, we do not accept wood mixed with green waste, rigid plastics, inert materials and other related materials.

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