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How Can I Hire a Skip?

Whether you’re clearing out unwanted materials from your house or disposing of large quantities of rubbish, sometimes filling bin bags or multiple trips to the tip just wont cut it. Skip Hire can be an efficient and cost effective way to clear considerable volumes of waste material, from home rubbish to industrial and commercial waste.

Though hiring a skip can be immensely useful, it won’t be of much use if you don’t choose the right skip for your needs. Skips can come in various sizes for different types of waste, and there are certain types of waste skip companies wont accept. Below is a list of things to consider when hiring a skip that can make the process hassle free and could save you time and money

What Skip Size Do You Need?

Determining the size of your skip bin is the first step. Usually, this depends on the type and quantity of waste you are handling. If you are disposing mainly of household rubbish and garden waste this can be placed into a skip easily and you can determine the size based on your volume. Bulky items such as beds or old wardrobes for example may need more planning and loading the skip economically.

What Kind of Waste are You Disposing Of?

Most reputable skip hire companies will advise you up front on the types of waste they can process. General waste such as household rubbish, garden waste, wood, cardboard, paper and metals can all be placed in general skips together. However waste such as clinical waste, hazardous waste, asbestos, fridges, freezers and paints will all have to be disposed of through a specialist.

Where Will You Place the Skip?

The location of your skip is a crucial consideration. Driveways may require wooden rests to mount the skip on, depending on the type of bin and be prepared for a garden to be churned up of your placing a skip there. Remember a skip will have to be placed and picked up by a skip lorry so access will need to be considered.

Restricted Items

As previously mentioned be aware of any restricted items laid out by your skip provider. This list is usually any hazardous waste, clinincal waste and so on. If you fill the skip with any restricted items the skip can be refused and you may need to empty the skip before its collected. Please check with your skip operator before you order. 

Do I need a Permit? 

Any skip placed on a public highway which can include any road or pavement will need a skip permit by the local council. This will be obtained by your skip company, and there will be a charge for doing so. Different councils will have different charges and time periods so check this before ordering. If your skip is on a driveway, garden or private car parking space you will not need a permit. 

Don’t Overfill the Skip

Its tempting once you have the skip to keep filling it to include all the waste you have to dispose of. However this will cause issues as the skip hire company can be fined for transporting unsafe loads on the roads. If your skip is overfilled you may be asked to remove some waste before the skip operator can safely transport it back to the depot. 

How Much Will it Cost

Skips are usually priced on the size of the skip and the length of time you need it. As an estimate a 6 yard skip as of Jan 2019 is £218 an 8 yard is £252, a 10 yard is £318 and a 12 yard is £348. This will differ depending on company and area but should give an idea. Permits can range from £50 – £100 depending on the council and the time you need it. 

Sizes Explained 

The skip industry sizes are based on the cubic capacity of the skip. A 6 yard skip has a cubic capacity of 6 yards and is equal to 1.2 meters in height, 2.6 meters in length and 1.5 meters in height and will hold an estimated 50 bin bags of waste. A 8 yard will hold an estimated 60 bin bags, a 10 yard , 80 bin bags and a 12 yard will hold approx 100 bin bags

Zero to Landfill

Most reputable skip companies will try to recycle as much waste as possible. It is worth checking if your skip provider has a zero waste policy as this will ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled and diverted from landfill. Most skip companies will have links to recycling companies that will divert waste streams away from landfill. 

Skip hire can be a highly effective waste management tool, whether at home or a construction site, hiring the right kind of skip is advisable for proper and safe disposal. Please check sizes and types of waste and remember to ensure you are using a reputable waste carrier by checking if the company has a waste carriers licence. 

If you need any help or advise when hiring a skip please get in touch 

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