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Fidget Spinners: A Solution to Stress or Just another load of Rubbish?

Fidget Spinners: A Solution to Stress or Just Another Rubbish?

At least Tamagotchis simulated caring for pets. The newest craze invading playgrounds (and even offices), however, involves spinning a piece of plastic and metal to alleviate stress – supposedly. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called a Fidget Spinner. 
What Are Fidget Spinners?
Fidget spinners look harmless enough and provide minutes of distraction during idle or stressful moments. You mostly hold it between your thumb and forefinger and use the other hand to spin the spokes. But as with any fad, it has a finite lifespan. It means that those helpful moments of distraction would soon become tonnes of plastic and metal tossed into bins and unloaded onto Britain’s near-overflowing landfills.Spinning More Waste

Fidget spinners are all over the market, with supply already peaking past the demand. Retailers sell them like candies; except that sweets don’t go to the rubbish bin once they have served their purpose. The more pressing concern is the amount of unsold stock in shops that are bound to find their way to the waste stream sooner or later.

The Need for Smarter Waste Management

Landfill space has become increasingly scarce in the UK, prompting new laws and programmes that intend to cut back on waste disposal resources. The government encourages citizens to practise recycling, reusing/repurposing, and segregation to aid skip hire companies to manage waste more efficiently. Segregation, in particular, earns significant endorsements, as waste management companies find it increasingly hard to sort waste into proper disposal channels.

A Fidgety Future

Fidget spinner traders can look back to 2014 to get a picture of their future in loom bands – the signature fad of that year. Many young girls and even adults were ‘woven’ straight into the trap, buying boxes and boxes of loom bands and tools, which eventually got shoved into some attic or under the bed to gather dust. Companies were baffled as to whether loom bands were recyclable or not, and opted just to bin their entire stocks. As a result, landfills bore mounds of loom band waste.

People need to think about where their fidget spinners and similar objects are going to end up. Stacking landfills to the brim impact the environment negatively, and improper waste disposal already incurs heavy fines as per government directives.

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