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Demolition Support Services

Waste Management

We can support your demolition project with our vast experience in waste management. We can help you to seperate and recycle any waste streams you may encounter

Strategic Planning

With our knowledge of recycling, we can assist your company when it comes to planning large scale demolition job. Get in touch today to see how we can help your project

Plant Machinery

We can help to recycle any old plant machinery that you may have. We specialise in not only end of life vehicle recycling but have the capacity to deal with larger plant machinery.

Industrial Dismantling

With over 40 years experience in recycling we can help your company with any large scale dismantling projects and responsibly recycle most materials and waste streams.

Demolition Support Service


LKM Recycling have the ability and the knowledge to help support your business with large or small scale demolition projects. Our recycling services can support your business to remove and recycle multiple waste streams, across various sites. If you need help with any project you may be facing get in touch with our experts today to discuss your requirements

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Metal Waste Recycling

We are experts in metal recycling and this has been central to our business over the last 40 years. We can remove and recycle all different grades of metals from Iron through to Copper. We are at the forefront of recycling so will always give you up to date current market values for your materials.

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Building Waste Recycling

If your demolition project needs to remove and recycle building waste then we can help. With our state of the art facilities in Kent we can deal with many different types of waste stream fro your business. No matter what the size of your project we would love to hear from you and discuss how LKM can support your business

Plant Machinery Recycling

We can help to remove and recycle any types of old plant machinery from tractors to trommels. If you need help with responsibly recycling any type of machinery then get in touch today for a friendly chat. We can ensure your old machinery is disposed of according to all laws in the UK

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Oversized Materials

LKM has experience in dealing with collection and recycling of oversized materials. From OA metals to large plant machinery we can offer a solution to help your project. From planning to execution we can assign you a project manger that will ensure everything runs smoothly.

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shredding services

Planning & Execution

From start to finish LKM are here to ensure a smooth and planned project for your business.


From risk assessments to local permits, LKM will ensure that any works carried out are by the book

shredding services

Business Planning

We will ensure that your business is aware of our plans at each step of the way from transport to payment

Demolition Projects Made Easy.


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