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Confidential Document Destruction and its Importance for GDPR Compliance

The Role of Confidential Document Destruction in GDPR Compliance

While many businesses focus on strengthening the security of their electronic data, a significant number of privacy issues still occur due to paper-based data, hence the need for confidential document destruction.  According to the 2016-2018 Data Security Trend report from the Information Commissioner’s Office, from Q3 of 2016 to Q1 of 2018, around 50 per cent of data breaches in the UK involved paper. These include mistakenly posting or faxing a document to the wrong recipient, and loss or theft of paperwork.

The data above suggests that even in the digital age, paper remains to have a significant role in storing and transferring information. The lack of proper management of destroying confidential waste can endanger the privacy of an individual’s data and a business reputation.

In May 2018, the government announced the full implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in light of the recent cases of data security breaches in both private and public settings. To avoid dangerous security breaches, many European countries collectively agreed to comply with the GDPR standards.

Enhanced Personal Data Security to Citizens

The GDPR is a legal framework in the EU and the UK that aims to assist businesses and public entities in protecting the personal information and the privacy of citizens.

The GDPR strengthens the rights of individuals to access and manage any personal data they own, such as their biometric data or even their IP address. More importantly, individuals reserve the right to withdraw the use of their personal data from a business or public entity at any time.

To ensure that individuals take full advantage of these rights, businesses with over 250 employees are required to have a Data Protection Officer, who will make sure that the business collects, uses and disposes of sensitive data responsibly.

How Does The GDPR Affect Businesses?

The implementation of the GDPR directly affects how businesses will store, process and manage personal details of their customers, partners and employees. Regardless of how in-depth the data is, it must be stored and processed according to the guidelines laid out by the GDPR. Non-compliance to the GDPR may lead to paying a fine of up to £18 million.

The GDPR might seem like just another legal obligation, but it helps companies enhance the efficiency of their data management by being more agile, proactive and responsible. More importantly, businesses earn the trust of their customers by ensuring the security of their personal data.

Eco-friendly Shredding Services in Kent

Do not let sensitive, personal information end up in the wrong hands. Enhance your company’s security and comply with the GDPR by properly getting rid of confidential information that you produce as a business

LKM Recycling offers shredding services for confidential waste to clients in Kent and other parts of the UK. We understand that improper confidential document destruction could lead to serious security threats, which is why we take our confidential shredding services seriously. We dispose of your paper waste in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner with all paper waste being recycled back into paper products such as toilet and kitchen roll

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