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Businesses Need to Have Holistic Waste Management

Most businesses have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that shows that they are contributing to the sustainable development of a particular ideology. It can be in the form of a charity program that aims to reduce poverty or a recreational activity that promotes healthy living with senior citizens.

Proper or Improper Disposal?

One of the most common CSR programs is environment-related activities. Businesses that produce tons of waste usually have a waste management program that segregates their rubbish for proper disposal. However, some companies opt to send their rubbish straight to the landfills. Sending rubbish off to the landfills can quickly build up a mix of different waste, which eventually will have negative effects on the environment.

Zero Waste to Landfill

Some companies resort to commodity-based waste management solutions, and by doing so reduce waste in landfills, For example, a company that produces large quantities of corrugated cardboard can find a waste vendor that is specifically interested in buying cardboard or they can find a group of vendors who want to bid on large quantities of cardboard.

These practices are advantageous to business; however, some of these vendors may sell to landfills to gain income. Some vendors may even improperly dispose of their collected waste by mixing different types of rubbish. Although companies gain extra income from vendors, commodity-based solutions only focus on only one specific type of waste.

LKM’s Waste Management Solution

LKM Recycling offers total waste management solutions that help businesses dispose of a variety of rubbish. They provide different kinds of waste management recycling services such as general waste collection, paper, cardboard, wood and metal recycling, skip hire and more. Our waste management solutions help your business to practice social responsibility on waste disposal.

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