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Business Documents You Should Have Shredded By Now

Like the pile of magazines you keep at home, some business documents can be hard to let go. The reason is usually, “I might need them later.” However, file hoarding could result in stolen identities and complicated lawsuits. Plus, they take up unnecessary space that should be utilised by more relevant documents.

Of course, you can’t just dump whatever you think is useless in the bin. For one, financial files such as tax documents should be kept longer than others. And if you do end up needing to dispose of some papers, you need to hire a confidential shredding service. This makes sure that the documents you dispose of cannot be retrieved and read by others.

Here are files you need to toss into the shredder.


Gone are the days where almost every document needs a duplicate for safekeeping. It’s common practice now to just scan and store them on a computer or the cloud. Do your storage room a favour and shred your duplicate files after scanning them.

Voided Cheques

You’ve probably used voided cheques before in your business. They’re often used to set up electronic payments. Employees usually send voided cheques to their bosses for a direct deposit. You also need to get your cheque voided if you make a mistake while filling it up. While this may prevent people from using it, it still has your account number and name on it. There’s no need to keep a voided cheque, either. If you like keeping track of everything, record its cheque number before you shred it.

Photo IDs

Photo IDs, even photocopied ones, shouldn’t be kept once an employee leaves the company. Though it doesn’t contain much personal information, it still includes personal information and the employee’s signature. Send the IDs to the shredder, just to be sure.


CVs and resumés add clutter, just like duplicate documents. They seem pretty safe to keep, again, just in case — but they contain a lot of sensitive information. It has the applicant’s contact details like their phone numbers and email. Their resumé often has their complete address, as well, not to mention their whole work and education history. If you’re not planning on hiring for a particular position soon, shred the resumes you have now. If you still want to keep them just in case, scan them beforehand. Most people use email and job hunting websites to send in their applications, anyway.

What All These Means: Protecting Employee Data

Shredding unnecessary documents is more than just cleaning up your storage area, it’s the law. The United Kingdom Data Protection Act states that information should be kept no longer than necessary. The act also says that you should protect information against unlawful access, loss, or damage. It’s your responsibility as an employer to keep your current and former employees’ data safe.

Get Your Confidential Paper Waste Shredded and Recycled

Shredding is the best way to get rid of your paper waste. To make sure that the documents you’re throwing away don’t get sent to a landfill, opt for paper shredding services with LKM Recycling. We offer home or office shredding with regular and on-demand collections. We can also issue a certificate of destruction so you’ll have peace of mind that your confidential waste is disposed of properly and safely.

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