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Aluminium Recycling Better Than Aluminium Production

Aluminium is the second most widely used metal globally. A study from the International Aluminium Institute states that 75 per cent of all aluminium ever produced is still in productive use today.

Europe is the world’s greatest per-capital recycler of aluminium. In the United Kingdom, the demand for aluminium has increased steadily in the past four decades. The metal is primarily used in the construction, transport, packaging and engineering industries.  It reduces the carbon footprint of cars and trucks. Aluminium components can make buildings more energy-efficient, while packaging made from this metal keeps food and drinks fresh. The UK has produced over 184,000 metric tonnes of aluminium waste in 2017 and over half of it was recovered or recycled.

More can be done to increase the numbers of recycled aluminium, and your business can take a more active role in it.

Here are some reasons why aluminium can be recycled:

Aluminium is a renewable metal

Aluminium retains its properties when recycled, making it highly durable and reusable. It can be reprocessed and reformed endlessly, and its quality does not diminish in the recycling process. A used beverage can be recycled today re-manufactured into a new can and placed back on a supermarket shelf in around 60 days. In one year, the same can could be recycled six to eight times.

Aluminium is energy-saving

Recycling aluminium saves significant energy and production costs. Aluminium is derived from bauxite, which is a mixture of aluminium oxides, iron oxides and clay minerals. Manufacturing aluminium from bauxite is a tedious, complicated and cost-intensive process. When recycled from process scrap and used products, reused aluminium only requires five per cent of the energy used to make aluminium from bauxite. This process also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. A tonne of aluminium recycled saves nine tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere. The Planet Ark Environmental Foundation confirms that every tonne of aluminium that is recycled results in conserving five tonnes of bauxite.

Aluminium production is declining in the UK

Manufacturing aluminium in the UK has severely diminished over the past ten years. Many aluminium smelters in the UK have ceased operations due to the unstable prices of metal, rising energy costs and decreased demand from downward markets. The Business Monitor International has pointed out that the loss of primary aluminium production may boost demand for recycled aluminium.

We help you recycle aluminium products

We are a well-established provider of professional recycling and collection services. We purchase, collect and recycle scrap metal from our partners in the United Kingdom.

We have an advanced weighbridge system designed to weigh scrap metal that is eligible for recycling. Our weighbridges are calibrated and highly accurate, ensuring that you receive accurate pricing for the scrap metal you provide.

We accept all grades of non-ferrous metal for recycling, including aluminium, brass, copper and zinc.

Our team can assist you to determine what grade of metal you have. Call us on 0179 543 9393 for enquiries.


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