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A Basic Guide to Waste Management for Commercial Buildings

In recent years, companies all over the world have stepped up and started implementing sustainable practices in their respective organisations. The need for good corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes continues to grow. More and more executives see them as necessities in remaining competitive in their industries. With bigger corporations already taking the lead of adopting sustainable solutions for their operations. Small to medium businesses are taking note and are encouraged to do the same.

For commercial buildings that serve a large number of people, implementing a waste management programme works to reduce their carbon footprint. It creates a green culture for their space which, in turn, works to motivate occupants to implement their own sustainability-focused solutions.

Below is a simple guide to help you formulate the best strategy for your waste management programme.  

Set Goals

Before you implement a waste management scheme for your establishment, it is best to first lay out what you want to accomplish with it. There are several ways to handle everyday waste. By setting realistic goals, you are setting a clear direction in which you can move forward. In addition to this, goals allow you to better learn about your establishment’s needs and which solutions work best. In making a strategic plan that is flexible and adapts to your needs, you will be guided accordingly in choosing which tools and practices will help you achieve your goals.

Conduct Assessments

Regular assessments will help you see the progress of your waste management programme. This improves transparency while informing you which tools and practices are working and which should be modified or changed altogether. This will allow you to make the appropriate adjustments before they result in costly and complicated problems. Moreover, these assessments will help you figure out the next steps for your waste management programme.

Substitute Non-Recyclables

As the world continues to be more eco-conscious, there are more sustainable products available. Choosing to replace certain items with sustainable alternatives allows you to reduce the amount of waste your establishment produces. From recycled paper to biodegradable bags, you have a wide selection of products that serve the same purpose as their non-recyclable counterparts. Minimising your waste production significantly reduces your expenses and carbon footprint while improving your waste management.  

Adopt Innovative Solutions

Aside from the influx of sustainable products, there are more waste management services available to everyone these days. Plastic waste recycling, in particular, is an ideal solution for commercial establishments because it allows them to give their waste products a new purpose. In adopting the appropriate solutions for your establishment, you are enhancing your waste management efforts.  

Waste Management Solutions from LKM Recycling

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